Simple Recipes "Mock" Lasagna For Your Family

"Mock" Lasagna. A play on lasagna, this Mock Lasagna is an easy weeknight dinner with ground beef, lots of cheese and crescent rolls – it is a family favorite. Mock lasagna is delicious because it is just SO simple. It is as easy as spaghetti dinner, in fact, and just requires a quick trip into the oven to finish off and ZERO layering.

"Mock" Lasagna Mock lasagna is delicious like lasagna, but is much simpler to make and is easy to make in large quantities. My mother-in-law came up with the recipe years ago when her six children were young. Spread half of the Tofu Ricotta on top of the noodles. You can cook "Mock" Lasagna using 7 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of "Mock" Lasagna

  1. Prepare of Medium shell pasta..
  2. It’s of Ground beef..
  3. You need of Ground hot italian sausage..
  4. It’s of Ricotta cheese..
  5. You need of shredded cheese (i used 6 cheese italian).
  6. You need of Pasta Sauce (didn't measure, use as much to your liking).
  7. You need of Italian Seasoning.

Top with half of the spinach. Blend the cottage cheese with the Parmesan cheese. Top with the cottage cheese mixture. That enticing flavor mash-up of creamy cheese, hearty tomato sauce, and seasoned ground beef… not to mention garlic and onions.

"Mock" Lasagna step by step

  1. In a skillet, cook ground beef and sausage until done, set aside..
  2. Cook pasta as directed on box..
  3. While cooking pasta, heat pasta sauce..
  4. When pasta is done, in a large pan (I used a foil pan), mix together pasta, meat mixture, and sauce..
  5. Add in Ricotta cheese and 1 1/2 bags shredded cheese and mix..
  6. Cover with more pasta sauce and remaining shredded cheese. Sprinkle with Italian Seasoning..
  7. Bake at 350°F for 40 minutes..
  8. Serve hot and enjoy!.

Cook lasagna noodles according to package directions. Melt butter in large skillet over medium heat. This is a fabulous lasagna made with an artichoke and spinach mixture which has been cooked with vegetable broth, onions and garlic. The mixture is layered with lasagna noodles, pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, and topped with crumbled feta. A great lasagna has pasta layered with cheese and a rich, meaty red sauce— wonderful, but fairly heavy.

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